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About Aikido

Energy.  Beauty.  Confidence. 

Aikido can bring these into your life.


Created during the first half of the twentieth century by Japanese martial arts master Morihei Ueshiba, Aikido is a defensive martial way based on the principle of non-resistance.  Using fluid, circular movements, an Aikido practitioner blends with the motion of an attack, redirecting the attacker’s motion into dynamic throws or  pinning techniques.  The term aikido literally means “the way of blending with energy.” Because Aikido uses relaxed, evasive  movement, rather than sheer strength, it can be practiced by women, men, and children of all ages.


Aikido is not a sport.  It has no tournaments or competitions.  Practice is done with a partner, and practitioners continually help each other learn and improve, cultivating an energetic and supportive environment.


Consistent Aikido practice improves one’s physical conditioning—strength, balance, flexibility, coordination, cardiovascular health—and one’s mental conditioning—self-confidence, concentration, perception, alertness, and concern for others.  Aikido teaches one how to focus mind, body, and spirit into a vital, perceptive, and engaging sense of awareness.



Aikido Documentary (from NHK-World Japan)

Why Aikido? (from our friends at Aikido of Park Slope)



Aikido Etiquette

Aikido Terminology
Recommended Reading and Video
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