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Child & Family Class

For children (ages 7-12) we provide a unique martial arts experience that features:


  • A non-aggressive approach to self-defense with an ethical philosophy at its core.

  • Vigorous physical development in a supportive, non-competitive atmosphere.

  • Small classes in a calming, low-impact sensory environment.

  • A pedagogy of quiet, embodied learning.

  • Exercises in stillness, mindfulness, and deep breathing.

  • Practices that nurture attention, empathy, and social-emotional awareness.

Through Aikido practice, a student cultivates a calm and attentive mind, a vigorous and vibrant body, and a resilent and confident spirit.


Parents and caregivers are invited (but not required) to join their children in this class. Aikido practice shared with one's child can nurture powerful and meaningful bonds and introduce an adult to a transformative martial arts journey all their own. Contact us for more details about adult participation.


Limited spaces available.   

Contact us to learn more about schedule, tuition, and registration.

Are you a young person or parent concerned about bullying?

Read here how Aikido could help.


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