AIKIDO ("the way of blending with energy") is a defensive martial art where one uses fluid, circular movements to blend with the motion of an attack and redirect that motion into dynamic throws or immobilizing pins. In addition to martial techniques, the art utilizes deep breathing, relaxation, centering, and proper body alignment. Consistent Aikido practice improves one’s physical conditioning—strength, balance, flexibility, coordination—and one’s mental conditioning—self-confidence, concentration, perception, and concern for others.


Aikido is a thoughtful art in that it does not cultivate aggression in order to counter aggression, and it continually reveals new and interesting things to those who practice it. Aikido is also a vigorous art. It takes your body, mind, and spirit beyond their ordinary boundaries into a new level of vitality.


The dojo will be closed at least until May 18, 2020.

Please utilize our online classes below.  They are suitable for prospective students, beginning students, and advanced students alike.

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The Core Values

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Aikido of Amherst is an open and affirming community.  We welcome students of any national origin, ethnicity, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation or preference. 

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